Benchmark are dedicated to creating vibrant quality spaces that make a difference in the community, that our residents can be proud to call their own.

Creating new innovative projects

Benchmark are dedicated to creating vibrant quality spaces that make a difference in the community, that our residents can be proud to call their own. Benchmark identifies where new vibrant communities can thrive, as well as create new and innovative projects within existing neighbourhoods.

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Creating great spaces, for the community to enjoy

Joint Ventures

“The sum of the parts is greater than the whole”

The team at Benchmark see value in partnerships with people who bring complimentary skill sets to project. Partnerships with likeminded people bring unique perspectives to a project and often generate innovative outcomes.

This approach has seen Benchmark effectively expand into a diverse range of property sectors.

We strive to deliver high quality, industry leading projects through partnerships with likeminded people with complementary skill sets.

Additional services

Highest and best use advice

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Site preparation and maintenance

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Relocation plans

Capital solutions

Landowner partnerships

Benchmark is experienced in partnering with landowners to achieve the best outcome. Every landowner has their own unique set of circumstances that we seek to understand, so that we can tailor a solution to maximise value.

There are many landowners who are aware that their land has development potential but lack the expertise and capital to realise its full value. Benchmark partners with landowners to unlock this value.

As a boutique property developer, landowners can deal directly with the decision makers who will pick up the phone anytime. We pride ourselves on transparency, honesty, integrity and following through on commitments.

For example, Benchmark has partnered with several landowners to obtain development approvals over their land. Once approved, the land is more valuable which allows Benchmark to pay a premium. In many cases the approvals are designed to enable the landowners to ‘sell their backyard’ and remain living in their house indefinitely.

What is a landowner partnership?

A tailored property deal where the landowner brings their land, and Benchmark brings everything else. This is a powerful combination for maximising value for the landowner and has the added benefits of flexible deal terms.

The team at Benchmark can tailor a solution that works for you and your unique circumstances.

Past Landowner Partnerships

A selected few sites and partners that we have worked with to unlock land potential.

If you’re interested in unlocking the development potential of your land, please don’t hesitate to get in contact with us.

Karrabin-Rosewood Road Landowner

Working with the Landowner we were able to obtain approvals over the flood affected portion of their site (approximately 60% of the site) for the construction of a regional stormwater management basin. A further approval was obtained for 40 residential lots on the un-flooded land. After improving the value of the land via these two approvals, we settled the land for a price that was more than twice the original valuation.  This was a ‘win win’ and allowed the Landowner to successfully secure a new property for retirement.

Taylors Road Landowner

We contracted to purchase the land with a delayed settlement at an above market price to allow for planning approvals to be sought over the Land. The landowner used the delayed settlement period to find another property to, safe in the knowledge that the funds to purchase their new home were on the way. We also provided an allowance to assist with relocation costs and allowed the landowner to take anything from the property when they relocate.

Rackley Road Landowner

We contracted to purchase some flood prone land to be used as a stormwater basin to assist with flood management in the area. By doing this we were able to pay the landowner for land they previously had no use for.